About Me

In August 2021, I completed my PhD at the University of York in the History of Art department working with Hanna Vorholt and Amanda Lillie. My thesis focused on the role of Matilda of Canossa in the sociopolitical development of the Investiture Controversy, and its relationship to her material patronage. I'm also interested in the representation of women and their legacies, as well as the historiography and legacy building of medieval women.  

My dissertation, entitled "Matilda of Canossa's Material Patronage in Relation to the Eleventh-century Papal Reform," is one of the first concentrated efforts to analyze Matilda of Canossa's material patronage through the lenses of authority, agency, and gender. I'm are currently in the process of developing the thesis into an English-language monograph, the first of it's kind dedicated to Matilda's material patronage.

I am currently serving as an assistant professor in the History, Geography and Art History department at Elon University.

Pronouns: They/them